High Definition Full Color LED Signs

Our high definition full color LED displays provide the most dynamic and versatile messaging and advertising option available on the market!

Utilizing state-of-the-art pixel sharing technology, our high definition displays dramatically increase resolution and produce sharper, more vibrant images. 
All of our signs are capable of text, animation, pictures, and video.  With our full color LED signs capable of 281 trillion colors, your display options are endless!  Whether you are showing text only, animation, or cycling pictures and videos, our intuitive windows-based software provides simple creation, scheduling, and operation.

Our high definition pixel sharing technology gives our LED signs a dramatic resolution advantage compared to other straight pitch LED signs.  Virtual resolution provides more smooth edges, sharper images, and an overall better LED display picture. HD technology is moving the industry and your business forward!

Monochrome Shades of Gray Color LED Signs

Our monochrome shades of gray LED signs utilize 4,096 shades of either red or amber to create dynamic, single color displays!  Shades of gray technology provides the ability to achieve text, animations, pictures, and video on a single color sign.  Gone are the days of being limited to text only! 

Powered by the highest contrast ratio and brightness in the business, bring immediate attention to your business or venue!

Shades of gray displays are also controlled using our user-friendly windows-based software.  This "drag and drop" functionality provides familiar ease of use and instant results!

LED Display Pitches (Resolutions) Available for Full Color and Monochrome

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